STEAM Program

Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics

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A Little About STEAM

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. The purpose of a STEAM program is to engage and promote higher level thinking through hands on curriculum. Students will be challenged daily through different tasks that will allow them to expand their knowledge through the different realms of education.

The classroom will be project based driven mainly on student interests. It will be a mix of Montessori based instruction and traditional requirements. Students will be exposed multiple grade requirements and able to work to their full potential. Curriculum will allow students to reiterate all content areas throughout the day so they have a stronger understanding and application process of the concept(s).

Teachers will act as a guide throughout the day. They will present the appropriate concepts and requirements in which the students will respond based on their learned skills and creative thought process. They will gain new skills and knowledge through problem solving and information provided to do the task. Teachers will reinforce all academic standards repetitively throughout each project and make sure they are gaining appropriate skills when carrying out the task.