Charter Non-public School – Kindergarten – Fourth Grade

As a part of our ongoing initiative to provide the very best early education available, we have aligned our principles and programs with Ohio Department of Education Standards for Kindergarten, First, Second, Third and Fourth Grade programs. We obtained our Charter through ODE in 2010 and have developed a community of learners with a differentiated curriculum to meet each child's academic needs. Our Chartered Non-public program provides a social and academic foundation to children in an effort to prepare them for future life experiences. The structure of this program is different from the public school because it offers individually tailored curricula for each child. The small class sizes allow the teachers to differentiate the curriculum to encourage the children to learn more in a safe and secure environment. Our program is more than just a bridge between home and school. These early years are carefully planned experiences designed to help eliminate educational deficits and build character, work ethic, dedication, multi-dimensional learning and a secure educational foundation.

The Experiences

The experiences we introduce in our early and elementary programs are directly tied to real life situations. The framework of the curriculum focuses on student outcomes in different learning areas, including life and career skills, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, technology and information/media literacy and core academic subjects. The children work with a SmartBoard and tablets to maximize their technology competency. They use the computer lab to aid their research. The students take field trips that correlate to the current area of study. They are encouraged to solve problems and view error as a necessary function for higher learning. We want them to become members of a group & function as part of the group. It is important to us to teach them to get along with classmates, to take turns, and to respect the rights of others. Teachers work on helping the students to develop positive self-esteem and learn how to effectively communicate ideas to others.