As a part of our ongoing initiative to provide the very best early education available, we have aligned our principles and programs with Ohio Department of Education Standards for Kindergarten programs. Our Kindergarten program provides a social and academic foundation to children in an effort to prepare them for future life experiences. Our program is more than just a bridge between home/preschool and school. This year is one of carefully planned experiences designed to help eliminate educational deficits and establish readiness for academics. Some of the experiences we introduce at this level are building with blocks, dramatizing stories, cutting, pasting, and painting. The children learn the letter names and talk about their sounds.

  • Experience

They will experience leaving home and family during the day. We want them to become a member of a group & function as part of the group. It is important to us to teach them to get along with classmates, to take turns, and to respect the rights of others. Teachers work on developing a positive self-esteem and learn how to effectively communicate ideas to others.

  • Reading

Our reading programs use several methods that deliver a multitude of reading tools to enhance learning. Phonics, Word Recognition, Vocabulary, Concepts of Print and collecting data to answer questions, solve problems and make predictions are some of the techniques used to maximize the curriculum.

  • Social Studies

Our Social Studies program enlightens the children through the use of History, People in Societies, Geography, Economics, and Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities.

  • Write

We believe that children learn by doing. As such, our writing program uses each classroom center as an opportunity to teach the following writing skills: Writing Processes, Writing Applications, Writing Conventions and Research. Each of these standards are accentuated daily as repetition breeds understanding.

  • Math

Basic counting to Geometry and Data Analysis are introduced at this level. Numbers, Number Sense, Measurement, Spatial Sense, Patterns, Functions and Algebra, Probability and Mathematical Processes such as problem-solving and reasoning skills are also pioneered. We have found that bringing enrichment programs to the school have become indispensable to our curriculum.

  • Sciences

We have monthly programs that highlight: Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Science and Technology, Scientific Inquiry and Earth and Space Sciences. Understanding the world around us becomes essential in Kindergarten.