Spending time with family and friends is a crucial aspect of early child development, as well as building a mutually beneficial synergy in the family. The Kinder Garden School will work closely with parents to establish and adhere to each child's schedule to ensure continuity and smooth transition from home to school. Parents are always welcome to come in and spend time in the room with their children. The physical makeup of the infant room is such that each infant is constantly in a warm and secure environment, where soothing hands and music create a peaceful, serene, secure mood, which extends to the sleeping area. Babies are held and rocked as they receive their bottles and afterward are cuddled to continue the critical tactile feedback that is so important in a child's early years. At this level, comfort and trust are the most basic needs of the infants, and are readily provided by experienced staff. In the play area, teachers sing songs, read stories, and play games designed to encourage recognition of shapes and colors, and to acquire progressive communication and motor skills.