Each child begins their day with a warm welcome from the administration and the opening teaching staff. They are greeted with hellos, hugs and happiness. The teaching staff helps the child transition from home to school and allow mom and dad to leave feeling good about the day to come. The children transition into a work cycle with the choice of having a snack.

During the work cycle, the children will have a meeting time where they talk about the weather, the date and the lesson for the day. The children will choose work or be asked to complete tasks until it is time to go outside. The children have two outside "recess" times per day. After recess, the children return to their classrooms for lunch and nap. Children who are old enough to work through their naps will be asked to take a short rest and then be invited to choose work.

After nap, the cycle begins again. The children have an afternoon meeting, a short work cycle and outside time. The children are given warm hugs as they leave for the day. The children have music and Spanish twice during the week (during the morning curriculum) and physical education once per week (during the morning curriculum). We also plan field trips throughout the year (more during the spring/summer months) which also occur in the morning.

Children who are old enough, are also offered parent-choice opportunities in the afternoon. The programs that are currently available are Webby Dance, Puter Bugs (computer class), Martin Martial Arts and Soccer Shots. Each day is filled with new and exciting opportunities to explore the environment around them.