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The Kinder Garden School was voted best preschool.


The Kinder Garden School is now a We Thrive! school in Hamilton County.

  • All Day Kindergarten

The Kinder Garden School values the education and development of young children. To minimize transitions and allow the children more time to complete their developing processes, we offer all day kindergarten.

  • Degreed Teachers

Just as we value the education and development of young children, we have the same expectations for our teaching staff. The Administrators of The Kinder Garden Schools have their Masters in Education. Each lead teacher has a degree in Early Childhood Education (or similar field) and we are happy to hire college graduates as assistants.

  • Specialized Programs

The Kinder Garden School encourages enrichment in their students. As such, we offer music , physical education and Spanish classes throughout the week. These special programs are included in tuition and are a staple in the curricula used in each class.

  • Garden Cams

A benefit to enrolling your child in a group setting, in addition to the social interactions, is that there are people around all of the time. In this case, there is safety in numbers. We also have the benefit of having cameras in every classroom, large muscle room and outside.

  • Parent Testimonials

The parents of our students love to brag about us...and vote for us! The Kinder Garden School was voted best preschool in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, & 2016.

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